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This colorful and popular 5k is hosted by DOORI (Dayton Organization of Runners and Walkers of India) and Global Pragathi, a global 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We expect upwards of 500 participants as this event grows each year.

The mission of the 5K is to increase physical activity and health awareness among sedentary members of our society by hosting a fun race that is accessible to people of all activity levels.

Your contribution will raise funds for Global Pragathi, a charity that works to raise awareness of health and lifestyle modification prevent chronic illness. Their Integrated Rural Development model, has impacted the lives of several indigent villagers in the Telangana State of India, where it currently employs 20 village youth in India to perform the daily activities in the areas of Education Improvement, Youth Employment, Women Empowerment and Preventive Medicine.

Please see the attached information sheet and visit www.globalpragathi.com


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